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About RW Webb


About R.W. Webb

Bob spends his time helping others lay out vineyards and designing and building wineries. As his ancestors arrived in Arizona in 1882, he has over three generations of experience and knowledge about the Southern Arizona region. He graduated from the University of Arizona in 1963 with a BS in Economics which has has found to be invaluable in his business dealings. After college Bob served in the U S Navy as a pilot in the Vietnam war. He returned home to Tucson in Dec. of 1970 to enter into the business world.

Bob has successfully owned and operated retail, wholesale and manufacturing concerns in Tucson for the last 40 years. During this time he has done stock offerings, formed limited and general partnerships and operated as a sole proprietor. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of connecting people to make things happen.

Along with being the founder of the Tucson Association of Executives (TAE), Bob is also a contributing member of the downtown Tucson Rotary and Caballeros del Sol (Tucson’s Ambassador group). In 2005 he was appointed by Governor Napalitano to the Arizona / Mexico Commission. He is also a past board member of Arizona Association of Business Brokers.

Extensive Industry Knowledge

Bob founded the 1st winery in the state of Arizona in 1980. In 1992 Bob was a founding member of the Arizona Wine Growers Association. In 1990 the University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture recognized his contributions to the Arizona wine industry with its Alumni of the Year award. More recently Bob was appointed by the Governor of Arizona to the state’s first Wine Commission where he served as Chairman.

Over the past 40 years Bob has lent his expertise to numerous wineries. With the success of these businesses Bob has helped establish and promote the Arizona and Northern Mexico wine industries. Through hands on involvement, extensive education and a passion for world class wine, he has a vast range of knowledge that is vital for helping you reach your goals.



More than 40 Years Experience

Since founding the 1st winery in Arizona, Bob has assisted many wine makers with establishing their vineyards, streamlining their production process and developing their business plan. Bob’s wines have been awarded over 17 international medals, including a Gold medal for a 1987 Fume Blanc at the Les Amin de Vin competition. His wines have also garnered numerous awards and accolades throughout Arizona.

Since 1980 Bob has produced, bottled and sold over 500,000 bottles of Arizona wine.